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Thank you so much for visiting my website. I am so thrilled to have had you visit. PLEASE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK for me so I will know you cared enough to visit. Anyone wanting personal photos, let me know and I will email them to you. Thank you. Shirley

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Question   Shirley's talent
Shirley, you are fantastic.

-  December 21, 2013

  Answer You are prejudiced! But, thank you, anyway.

- SHIRLEY W. BENNETT  March 03, 2014

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Question   Great Site!
Great site!

- Mike Garneau Woonsocket July 25, 2013

  Answer Thank you so much, Mike, for the compliment on my web site. I appreciate it very much.

- SHIRLEY W. BENNETT  December 09, 2013

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Question   Your website.
Thank you for sharing with others, the beautiful things that God allowed you to witness with others who may not have been as fortunate as yourself. God bless!

- Joe Pasha March 02, 2012

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Question   Pelican Photos
I am going to email you a photo of my grouping of the four Pelican prints. They are soooo lovely on my den wall. Everyone comments on how pretty they are. Thanks again for getting those to me. Absolutely love your work. I will spread the word. I saw them on Shutterpoint also and appreciate your lower price on your web site.
Thanks again,

- Jane Middleton March 01, 2012


- SHIRLEY W. BENNETT  April 16, 2012

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Question   What type of camera do you use?
Love your work!
Have you been to Hilton Head SC? Great birding there.

- Kris Kratzert February 02, 2012

  Answer Kris,
Thank you. My cameras I have used in the past were the Nikon D50 and Nikon D300. I no longer have the D50. Currently, I use the Nikon D7000, and some photos were with the D5000(gave it to my son-in-law, who gave me a Canonxti200)...so, as you can see, my photos were taken with a wide variety. Now my fav is the D7000 with the 18-200mm Nikkor lens. No, have not been to Hilton Head. Thanks for visiting my site.

- SHIRLEY W. BENNETT  February 03, 2012

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Question   Pelican photos
Hi Shirley,
I saw some of the Pelican photos on this web site. I was wondering if it would be possible to email me anymore you might have...knowing I will not copy them or print them. My reason being that I want to do a series of four 8x10's of just Pelicans in my den. I love yours and can make do with the ones here, but would really like to see if you have any more. As you remember, I have purchased from you in the past. I would appreciate it.

- Jane Middleton January 22, 2012

  Answer Thank you Raymie for your American White Pelican post. You inspired me to see if I could see them for mylsef. After walking all around the area and seeing lots of other birds, I was about to give up and there it was. A beautiful pelican with a large white body standing by itself on a rock in the middle of the river. It had long golden legs and long golden bill. It looked like a million dollar bird unlike any other. There were many doves surrounding him floating on the river. He looked like the king of the hill. Thanks again Raymie for inspiring me with your love of birds and animals.

- Kanako Kanako  May 19, 2012

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Question   Hi from Pam
I love your site its so well done and so beautiful !! You are a stellar photographer and should be very proud ! I am coming down your way and will be very close to where you live.. left you a message on eyefetch.. wonderful to see this !!

- Pam Peterson December 08, 2011

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Question   60th
I'm a little out of the loop now that we've moved to central Florida but would like to stay in touch with you all. I'll do my best to see you all in 2013 God willing. Few things in life have been as constant as the love our class has for each other.

- Richard Strawder November 17, 2011

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Question   Thanks!
We enjoyed your photos. Thanks for being a great friend.

- Laurie Ullom September 18, 2011

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Question   http://www.vente-prive.biz/
I take the time to find your latest website. I am very happy to see because it is really very interesting.

- Lalie Anna September 09, 2011

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Question   Thanks for sharing
Shirley, you have such an eye for composition of each photo you take. Your gallery is great, thanks for sharing your talent.

- Janm Stanhope March 16, 2011

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Question   Photo gallory
Hi Shirley,Just looked at all of your beautiful Photo's and really enjoyed it alot, we really enjoy our time with all of you this week.

- Nancy Miller February 12, 2011

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Question   site
Very well done site and as always you work if great

- mark smith November 28, 2010

  Answer Thank you to all the latest comments on my photography. Thanks for visiting my website.

- SHIRLEY W. BENNETT  January 02, 2011

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Question   Your collection.
I'm very impressed! Your photos are great, and the website design is excellent. Thanks for sharing this.

- lou merritt October 26, 2010

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Question   Great Photography
Shirley, you have mastered the craft of photography. Nice to know you are out there lurking with a camera in your hands.


- Phil Teagarden October 21, 2010

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Question   "53 party
You take such great pictures. Enjoyed all of them.

- Beverlyh Moore October 21, 2010

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Question   Leon Class of 53
Hi Shirley, Sorry we missed the last party at the Buford Barn, but had other obligations. Loved looking at your photos. Hope to see you at the next gathering

- Susie Backerman October 21, 2010

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Question   Thanks!!!!
Shirley-your photos are BEAUTIFUL. Enjoyed the 1953 photos..only one problem--I didn

- Marjorie Barber Brown October 21, 2010

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Question   Thanks
I am so fortunate to have such a talented gal for my friend. Thanks for your help, patience & the things you have taught me about taking photos. Your photos are SPLENDIFEROUS! Shirl

- Shirley Schaefer August 03, 2010

  Answer Thank you, my friend. Glad I could help you in your new endeavor.

- Shirley Bennett  August 04, 2010

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Question   photos
Just want to say you have some really nice bird photos I love to photograph birds. I am new to photography so a lot to learn however please check out my site at aliciawoodphotography.com

Thank you

- Alicia Wood March 21, 2010

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