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from Jane Middleton Pelican photos

Hi Shirley,
I saw some of the Pelican photos on this web site. I was wondering if it would be possible to email me anymore you might have...knowing I will not copy them or print them. My reason being that I want to do a series of four 8x10's of just Pelicans in my den. I love yours and can make do with the ones here, but would really like to see if you have any more. As you remember, I have purchased from you in the past. I would appreciate it. Previous Response:
on May 19, 2012
 Thank you Raymie for your American White Pelican post. You inspired me to see if I could see them for mylsef. After walking all around the area and seeing lots of other birds, I was about to give up and there it was. A beautiful pelican with a large white body standing by itself on a rock in the middle of the river. It had long golden legs and long golden bill. It looked like a million dollar bird unlike any other. There were many doves surrounding him floating on the river. He looked like the king of the hill. Thanks again Raymie for inspiring me with your love of birds and animals. 

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