When I married in 1955 and moved to Harlingen, Tx, little did I know the number of times I would either move to different states, countries, or just across town. After having lost my second husband, Warren Bennett, in May of 2012, I wrote in my photo category and blurb that I was moving to Rolling Ridge RV Park in/near Clermont, Fl. I did that! I lived very comfortably for almost 20 months in our 40 foot Newmar Dutch Star RV, and even had a shed on the lot with washer/dryer, etc. In those 20 months, going up and down steps leading into the RV took its toll on my right knee (which already had a knee replacement). I considered doing several things: put a park model, park trailer, fifth wheeler...on the lot, thus with any of the three, I would not have the steep entry steps and I would have an oven...which I had really begun to miss. I even looked at a small home in The Plantation. Feeling very frustrated, and unable to make a definite decision, I asked my family...daughter and son-in-law to come up and help me make the right decision. I was asked if I would consider moving to Auburndale and living in a fifties rental house, free gratis, but I could make remodeling improvements if I so desired....and do anything I wished to do to it. May 31, 2014, I made arrangements with a kind neighbor and family at the park to follow me down to Auburndale in my car, while drove the forty footer. My family was in Germany at that time, so upon return, we all totally emptied Grace III, storing all contents in the family guest quarters. I had already taken Baby Gracie down to Auburndale, and my dog, JB, and I moved into it for the duration of the remodeling and renovation at 375 Renssalaer Avenue. Between the heat and trying to get estimates on different projects, it has been a long, drawn out experience. Our first major problem happened when the tenant who was supposed to have moved out on May 31 decided to take her own sweet time and did not leave until the middle of June. It finally took a court order for her to vacate the property. I am believing this is my last move, as I am now 79 years old, and prefer for this moving fiasco to be an ongoing event in my life. One of my grandchildren will be the next occupant of my newly remodeled home...the Good Lord Willing. Before and after photos are in my photo category titled 375 Renssalaer...an ongoing process. Please feel free to peruse.