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Thank you so much for visiting my website. I am so thrilled to have had you visit. PLEASE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK for me so I will know you cared enough to visit. Anyone wanting personal photos, let me know and I will email them to you. Thank you. Shirley

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Question   Your gallery
Shirley I just visited your gallery...what a wonderful, diverse collection of images you have. I particularly enjoyed your landscapes! I'll be checking back again to see what's new!

- Carol Eade February 24, 2010

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Question   Thank you Shirley
Shirley, You are a great asset to the Newmar Kountry Klub "Sea Turtles"
Thank you for all your effords.
You are blessed with a wonderful talent and we are fortunate you are sharing with us.
Keep up the good work
How can I order some of the pictures I marked as my favorites?
Marian Alton

- Marian Alton February 15, 2010

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Question   Shirley's photographic talents
Shirley, the more I visit your website, the more I see of how talented you are in the way you view subjects for photos. Some people have it and some don't. You go beyond the snapshot. And, I love your ability at using Photoshop so well. I am jealous. Take care, Jane

- Jane Middleton October 11, 2009

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Question   Purchase of photos
Shirley, I love the whooping cranes and would like to order one of each in 11 X 14 with a navy blue matting. I believe that would make the total size 16 X 20, right? I will send you a check if you will send me the total via email.
Thanks so much. I love them.

- Jane Middleton September 25, 2009

  Answer Jane/Janice,
Would you please email that request with your mailing address and phone number. I, in turn, will let you know the final cost with shipping.
email me at Ladynole1957@aol.com.
Thank you for your order and compliments.
Take care,


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Question   Great site!
I loved sharing your passion. You have such an eye for the composition of each photography you take. That is a gift. Keep on with your passion.

- Janice Middleton September 17, 2009

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Question   SilkScreening Equipment
Hey,LOVE your site! Keep it up! btw if you need any T-shirt Printing Equipment to print your designs or logo's you can order from us and get it to you in under a month! check us out at www.homecashbusiness.com :)

- Ryan Mongiello August 25, 2009

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Question   Great shots!
Thanks for sharing your talent. You are the best!!

- Ann Entsminger July 14, 2009

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Question   your pictures
You are so talented.....I really enjoyed viewing your photos.

- Cheri Cate June 03, 2009

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Question   i love your work!
as I said, your work is amazing, shirley. please visit my website and give me your opinion too :)

- ashley martin June 03, 2009

  Answer Ashley, I will visit your site ASAP. My husband is bugging me to start packing, so will visit tonight. Thank you for visiting my website.
Best regards,


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Question   I adore your work
I had seen a print of yours of a crane and its baby and I would love to purchase a copy but could not find it on your website. Please let me know if it still is available. I will pay any price, I really want this print. Thank you and keep up the incredible work.

- Sharon Broer March 25, 2009

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Question   your photos
You are a natural photo artist with a very creative eye and talent. You know your camera and how to capture life using it! Thank you for sharing with so many people. Your passion flower photo is a sure winner!

- Nancyj E. Hovey April 05, 2008

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Question   Shirley's Pictures
Thanks so much Shirley for sending me your pictures. Enjoyed seeing them.

-  July 28, 2007

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Question   Great Photos
You really capture the details in so many of your shots. We really enjoyed the flowers and butterfles.

-  July 17, 2007



  Answer Many of your photos brought back some pleasant memories....You definitely are a gifted photogtrapher!

You see the world with a photogtrapher's eye!

We enjoyed every single photo!

-  July 21, 2007

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Question   your work
Your photography is just getting better and better. I love it.

-  July 16, 2007


- Linovido Linovido  September 28, 2017

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